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"Von der Produktidee bis zum Weltmarktführer" Ganzheitliche Produktentwicklung und Fertigung aus einer Hand in unterschiedlichen Branchen.

Making the impossible possible: Success is calculable

Making things easier, better, or extending the boundaries of the possible – that is the target of atec innovation. Talk to us about your project. This is the fastest way to meet your needs.

The joy of inventing, is what motivates our engineers, constructors and programmers every single day. With our team’s huge range of skills we are able to dive into complex technical issues and to develop the optimal solution, regardless of any sector. Innovative products emerge from the combination of technical understanding, an eye to practicality, efficient technologies and a well-attuned team.

atec innovation GmbH Sindelfingen

To us “service” is a quality-feature

We foster long-term relationships with our customers – they are the foundation of our joint success.

In our work the term ‘service’ is taken literally: during project activities, through the transparent and customized order processing, from estimating to proof of performance to accounting. Our customers appreciate our reliability and liability.

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We are close at hand: Sindelfingen, Stralsund und Bamberg