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"Von der Produktidee bis zum Weltmarktführer" Ganzheitliche Produktentwicklung und Fertigung aus einer Hand in unterschiedlichen Branchen.

Your product success is our top priority

Our innovation process and barometer that were developed over the years enable us to be successful in different segments. Atec innovation offers all services from one source.

We included the most interesting and innovative outcomes of the recent years into a portfolio. Take a look and gain a first impression of our identity and motivation !

atec-referenzenOur dealings with client data enjoy top priority. Therefore current projects are not mentioned in the following. The list contains only selected reference projects, which are already in serial production.

Pedelec, Elektrischer Antrieb, Fahrrad, Prototyp, Innovation

Bosch Pedelec

We were one of the first ones to develop an electrical drive for bicycles for a client – the pedelec. We are proud of contributing to saving the environment and developing mobility further and in new ways.

The compact construction of the drive system has been a challenge. Weight and dimensions had to be reduced to a minimum without having an influence on the resistance and longevity of the product.

Produktentwicklung, OEM


atec innovation GmbH has been working as a development service provider and project coordinator for Daimler AG for several years.

We work successfully on problems from different topics such as car interiors, ADAS systems and also within the electric field.


Our BeerSpike is an innovative beer sting, that does not exist in this form anywhere else and stands out due to its hops shape.

The whole BeerSpike is manufactured at our company in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart. This project is a matter particularly close to our hearts and is an optimal gift for every soon-to-be beer sommelier.

More information about our Beerspike you can find here


In cooperation with the company Speidel, we developed a fully automated beer brewing control for home and gastronomy usage which displays the whole process digitally.

The entire system provides the opportunity to select brewing recipes and additionally to save individual recipes. Subsequently the system leads the consumer through stages of the brewing program to their own beer. In addition the brewing control connects via a wireless network to several devices and operating systems.

Find out more about the Braumeister here


The Booster is the result of the cooperation with the company Blackroll. It is a powerful core with vibra motion technology, which is a therapeutically effective addition for fascia-training. The Blackroll Booster adds noticeable value not only to professional competitive sport.

The difficulties of this product development were the limitation to do with the opening dimensions and the isolating material of the Blackrolls already existent on the market. Yet this problem too could be solved by our qualified engineers and the technology is now registered for patent.

Find out more about the Blackroll Booster here


Our Endo-Fix is a device for the construction industry, which enables the installation of subjects on facades even subsequently. Nowadays the use of polystyrene as an insulating material is common in the building construction. Because of its structure objects often cannot be fixed on the facade afterwards. Endo-Fix solves exactly this problem with a honeycomb shaped fixing system, which hardens and can be charged with objects up to 50kg.

Find out more about the Endo-fix here

Blätterhilfe, Gicht, Rheuma, Juristen, Seiten


Our Wendi was developed by atec innovation to help patients with rheumatism to turn pages. Patients with rheumatism have difficulties to grab the thin pages. The rubber attachment can turn page by page. Currently our Wendi is also being increasingly used by lawyers for their frequently used law books.

Spannsystem, Produktentwicklung, Prototyp

Tensioning system

The tensioning system is the result of a cooperation with the Matrix GmbH. It allows to fix unfavorable shaped parts (e.g. hip prosthesis) and make them easier to process.

The system not only largely reduces retooling times, it also eliminates storage of specific workpiece supports. The flexibility is improved and costs of the fixture construction can be reduced. With this tensioning system robotized lines can be used more efficiently.

This innovative concept won the innovation award of Baden-Wurttemberg in year 2006.

It is our job to transform your project into tangible results. Contact us, so we can work on a solution together.

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