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"Von der Produktidee bis zum Weltmarktführer" Ganzheitliche Produktentwicklung und Fertigung aus einer Hand in unterschiedlichen Branchen.

Services of atec innovation GmbH

We offer the whole process of product development from the idea to serial production from one source in different segments. This enables us to realize product ideas time and resource-efficient.

Ideenfindung, Produktidee, Brainstorming, Innovation


At the beginning of our cooperation we discuss, analyze and evaluate the product idea.

  • Brainstorming and solution finding with the help of creativity techniques, such as creative problem solving
  • Evaluation of ideas with the help of feasibility studies with regard to profitability, market size, target group etc.
  • Innovation consultancy on the basis of the lead user method and open innovation
Analyse, Businessplan, Geschäftsmodell, Skalierung

Commercial Consulting

To ensure a minimum risk we make numerous analyses of the product and the business model in early stages of the project.

  • Analysis of the business model
  • Risk evaluation of the project
  • Development of a commercial model
  • Scoping


Projekte, Qualität, made in Germany, Produkte

Patent registration

In collaboration with a patent attorney we consider the opportunity of a patent application for your product and conduct it for you afterwards.

  • Proof of patent prospects
  • Patent registration
Elektronik, Mechatronik, Informatik, Produktentwicklung, CAD

Product development

On the basis of your ideas, drawings and designs we develop your product in 3D CAD and a real prototype – or from zero to serial production. The close cooperation of the single services enables us to process the product development fast and flexible

  • External predevelopment for well-known companies
  • Construction and simulation with 3D CAD
  • Software development
  • Quality Management
  • Electronic engineering – Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 etc.
  • Mechatronics – automation technology, thermodynamics etc.
  • Informatics – embedded software development etc.
Prototypenbau, Produktbau, Produktentwicklung, Prototyping


After the development of a CAD-model we build the first prototype or manufacture it with our 3D printer.

  • Functional prototype
  • Design prototype
  • Testing & Validating
Das serienreife Endprodukt

Serial production

When the prototype fits the needs, it will be transferred into serial production after a last final touch.

  • Manufactory
  • Small batch
  • Large-scale production
  • Made in Germany


We have extensive experience in the following industrial sectors, but we are also looking forward for new challenges.

  • Electric mobility
  • Driving assistance systems
  • Light technology
  • Cable routing design
  • Control unit development

Partnerships of atec innovation

Erfindungen, Patent, Produktentwicklung, Partner, Kooperation

The InvenComm GmbH is an invention and patent marketing agency with the goal to market innovations in the range of capital and consumer goods.

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Ingenieure, Partner, Produktentwicklung, Innovation

PLM4ENGINEERS is an independent consultancy and training service provider in the range of development and construction.

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Further projects of atec innovation

Club, Innovation, Querdenker, Produktentwicklung

At the Querdenker-Club atec innovation joins the biggest trade association and community of innovative ideas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland..

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Erfinder, Verband, Partner, Innovation, Entwicklung

As an active member of the German inventor association atec shapes the professional context for inventors in Germany. Results of this membership you can find for example on our yearly stand at the iENA – the international trade fair for ideas, inventions and novelties.

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VDI, Ingenieur, Deutschland, Innovation, Produktentwicklung

atec also joins the association of Germany engineers and contributes to the nationwide progression of engineers in Germany.

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